MOMRISE Ambassadors

Kinga Oravecz

SoulFlowMama @soul.flow.mama

How long have you been practicing yoga? Why have you started?

I’ve started practicing yoga appr. 10 years ago, during college. At that time, I wanted to relieve myself from stress and from my compulsion to conform. To maintain myself and at the same time to expedite my graduation in what was at the time a foreign country. I’ve sensed already then that it will be more than a hobby. I signed up for Karma Yoga. It’s more work, but I was able to attend free yoga classes at a studio.

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What kind of Yoga do you teach? What is your favorite Asana?

For years I was a devotee of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. That meant from one to three hours of yoga, breathing techniques and meditation daily. After that I started to wander into more mystic yoga, ending with my arrival to the heart-space, Bhakti Yoga, the yoga of the heart. I still teach Ashtanga, which is a perennial favorite, but at the moment my femininity came into foreground, where there is not a strict system, only flow, what the heart desires. My favorite class is Slow Flow. It’s slow but powerful with a lot of free movements. It’s my brainchild. My favorite Asanas are the heart opening ones, standing, sitting or lying down, it doesn’t matter, and I feel the greatest flow doing mantras. Mantras are wondrous.

What would you like to pass on with yoga?

With yoga, I would like to pass on the knowledge that you can live a joyful, openhearted life full of intuition from your heart-space.

Viki Molnar

Yoga with Baby, Sisterhood Yoga Project

@sisterhoodyogaproject @babavaljogazom

How long have you been practicing yoga? What have you gained from yoga?

I started giving lessons after some 10 years of personal exercising, and I’m constantly learning and improving myself. To me, yoga is balance, self-knowledge, constant growth, which is not always linear but is always exciting.


What kind of yoga do you teach?

At the moment I teach Prenatal Yoga and Yoga for spine, as well as postnatal regenerative yoga in the Sisterhood Yoga Project’s online program.

What would you like to pass on with yoga?

I would like to pass on the skill of conscious inward looking, the endless inner need for growth, as well as the belief that everyone is unconditionally loveable and that the object of love is not always outside of us. My vested interest is to address women, especially mothers, because I find it important not to lose ourselves as mothers, lose faith in ourselves, and yoga helped me tremendously in this, this is what I would like to pass on. When we become mothers, too many things turn upside down, there are lots of new duties and it is not always easy. But if a woman lose the connection to herself, everyone, including her family is at loss. We cannot give endlessly if there’s nothing to refill us – quality time devoted to ourselves is always a good investment.

What is your favorite Asana?

That is a tough question, the first thing that comes to my mind is the one I struggle with the most: Gomukhasana, or the cow-head pose. I know it’s important to me because I suffer a lot doing it, but I’m working on it, to find the hidden teaching 😊 Otherwise I like the ‘downward facing dog’, because it really is a therapeutic pose, very beneficial for the spine and posture, of basic importance for healthy and pain-free movements.