Active Pregnancy - Happy Mommy Happy Baby

Active Pregnancy - Happy Mommy Happy Baby

Hey Beauties,

Lets talk about the awesomeness of doing pregnancy workout, prenatal yoga, or other pregnancy activity that suits you the best, there is a huge impact both mentally and physically, you should know about it, and know what is happening with you, and your pelvic floor muscles for example! Do you know those guys down there? We are going to talk more about your pelvic floor muscles in coming blog posts.

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Having an active pregnancy could lead you to an easier labour, and faster recovery after giving birth, plus on the top of it, if you have learned how to clear your mind, how to relax or energize yourself for example with different type of yoga moves, you have it with you, its yours!

After the 6 weeks postpartum period you can lay on the ground next to your baby and do your workout, or during nap time, you figure it out!

Basically we believe, having children should be the reason to have active me-time, rather than an excuse why not having it! Why? Because, you need to recharge your batteries, you need to take care of yourself, to be able to take care of your family, you cannot feed someone from an empty plate, right?

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With MOMRISE activewear collections for mom-to-be-s, and moms/women, our mission is to support you with a shaping, flattening where needed, comfortable yet stylish leggings and tank tops.

We believe the main point is not how you fit into your favorite pair of jeans, is how you feel yourself in your everyday life!



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