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Hey Beauty,
Welcome to the Mom's me-time minutes blog! Our goal here is to offer you some much-needed recharging reading time. Whether you are a mom-to-be, or already a momma, we want you to feel like we are girlfriends chatting on your sofa about active pregnancy, postpartum times, the joys and challenges of motherhood, and everything mom-life. We are sharing honest and supportive stories and tips from our hearts.
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I am the founder and owner of MOMRISE. My personal journey of becoming a mom was beautiful and transformative yet challenging. Going through all stages of motherhood, starting with pregnancy, sometimes I had to learn my lessons the hard way. Sometimes I felt overwhelmed, exhausted and anxious. I also felt incredibly grateful and blessed. I not only had to navigate these mixed emotions though but also my physical experience. Through trial and error, I found what I call my magic tool: 'active me-time'!
Fortunately, I was allowed to work out during my pregnancy. I practiced prenatal yoga and other pregnancy workouts daily. The only thing I was missing from my life before pregnancy was running. These activities offered me much needed 'me-time' sessions that also become 'our-time' with my baby girl.
During my 'active me-time', I was able to feel more engaged in my body and my life. As I moved my body, I watched tension disappear. As I strengthened my core muscles , I noticed decreased back pain. With the help of my practice, I finally felt prepared for labor and giving birth, a process that, to be honest terrified me. I learned different poses and moves that helped my body to prepare. As months passed, my body got addicted to exercising -  and so did my mind.
I knew that I just needed to roll out my mat, do my daily practice, clear my mind, and focus on my body and movement to feel better. Yoga breathing techniques taught me to focus, calm down, and be mindful. For a mom, these tools are superpowers for life!
These are only a couple of examples of how I benefited moving my body during my pregnancy and how you can benefit from it too. My main challenge was finding the right pregnancy activewear. Nothing I tried felt right. So I decided to create my own! It had to be supportive and comfortable, yet also stylish and trendy. It was a long journey. Finally after a veeery loooong  development, and redevelopement with mommas and yogis now you can get yours easily by clicking here.

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