MOMRISE is founded and owned by a mompreneur, it's me 🙋🏽‍♀️. Through my personal experiences, I have found that running, yoga, and working out regularly can help you both mentally and physically to prepare for childbirth, support postpartum healing, and get through difficult times. I am inspired to share the benefits of exercise and movement, share how I have overcome my own struggles, and motivate you to join me. I am dedicated to help you find your own active ‘me-time’ to create your best motherhood experience. 



Our mission is to support you with ‘me-time activewear for all stages of motherhood’.🤰🤱 This means amazing supportive activewear for your pregnancy, specially designed maternity leggings and maternity tank tops for your prenatal yoga practice, pilates sessions, pregnancy workouts, runs, and any other exercise you love. 🧘‍♀️🏃‍♀️

You can also choose from MOMRISE’s women’s wear line. These carefully designed, belly-flattening, shaping, and trendy leggings and tank tops will make you feel great, so you just focus on your workouts and daily activities — the rest is on us. 

We believe in the power of daily movement practice, sharing, and support. Our blog is created for You. You can finally have some much-needed ‘me-time’ reading about expert opinion on prenatal yoga, pelvic floor muscle exercises, treatment for diastasis recti, lower back pain, anxiety, healing, feeling like a catwoman, loving your belly, being in your best shape as a mom, creating ‘me-time’ as a busy mom, and so on. 


Kata Owner of MOMRISE